Tharoor bats for universal and free vaccination while battling Covid

Tharoor bats for universal and free vaccination
Tharoor bats for universal and free vaccination while battling Covid.

New Delhi: June 2:  Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has posted video while battling Covid and has supported free and universal vaccination for all till December.

Tharoor in the video said, “I am still on my Covid bed. I just want to say having seen the statement by the government that everybody will be vaccinated by the end of December. While seeing the availability and lack thereof for vaccine, I wonder how the government will do that.”

He said he supports the Indian National Congress’ campaign to change the vaccination policy of the government. “I support Universal vaccination within the time limit given by the government and do so with free of cost.”

He also said the vaccine should be in the market free for all, there should not be an extortionist price and given to the public for free, let all countrymen have free and universal vaccination to save our country from Covid.

“I don’t want my fellow citizens to suffer,” he added.

Shashi Tharoor tested Covid positive on April 22. Taking to Twitter, Tharoor had said, “After waiting two days for a test appointment and another day & a half for the results, I finally have confirmation: I’m #Covid positive. Hoping to deal with it in a ‘positive’ frame of mind, with rest, steam & plenty of fluids. My sister & 85-year-old mother are in the same boat.” (IANS)


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