The Game of Number Two In Narendra Modi’s Government


New Delhi: The camera, it is said, never tells lies. It also helps the viewer of the photograph, be that still or picture in motion, ask questions. During the oath taking ceremony of India’s 14th President in the Central Hall of the Parliament, the movie camera tickled the Adrenalin drain of lakhs to ask one question: Who is the Number Two in the Narendra Modi government? Or who is the second most important man in the treasury bench?

A quick recollection of the snap exhibiting the sitting arrangement will reveal that is not an MP, nor a cabinet minister like Rajnath Singh or Arun Jaitley,   nor ‘Pitamaha’ Lal Krishna Advani or Murli manohar Joshi certainly.

But an MLA from Narendra Modi’home state Gujrat and his erstwhile  cabinet colleague when the Prime Minister was the Chief Minister of the state. It is the one who in political circles has earned the sobriquet ‘Laxman” to Narendra Modi. The BJP President and MLA from Naranpura in Gujrat, Amit Shah.

Next to Amit was sitting the “Pitamaha’  L K Advani followed by another veteran Muri Manohar Joshi and Vice President in waiting Venkaiah Naidu.  And then Madam Sonia Gandhi in the next row.

Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister and Arun Jaitley, Finance and Defence Minister were ensconced in the next row.

The message the picture sent was: Undoubtedly Amit Shah is he second most important man in the Narendra Modi government though he happens to be BJP’s national President.

Not that there was no murmur in the BJP and NDA circles, but it was too feeble to be heard. The camera only did its task it is cut out for: send the crucial message to the nation.


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