There Were Moments We Thought Of Shelving ‘Jagga Jasoos’: Ranbir


Mumbai (PTI): Ranbir Kapoor’s first home production “Jagga Jasoos” hit a series of roadblocks, resulting in its release date being pushed several times, and the actor said there were times he even thought of shelving the film.

The much-ambitious musical drama, directed by Anurag Basu remained in news for its constant delays, something which brought a lot of negativity to the project.

“I had to be patient with the film. There was so much being written about it, mostly in a negative light, so to fight back these things and focus on the work was a big issue.

But Basu is so much fun, it all went smoothly,” Ranbir told reporters at the trailer launch of the film last evening.

When asked if there were moments he thought of shelving the project, the actor said, “Of course, we had a lot of these moments. All three of us (including co-star Katrina Kaif) used to discuss, what is happening in the film, what we should do.

“But in the end you have to go back to the first moment when you heard the story and were moved. If you remember that feeling as an actor, it keeps you going.”

The “Tamasha” star said all the negativity did affect him but added, “It’s fine, it also gives the film some publicity.”

After four years in the making, when the 34-year-old actor said when he finally saw the film, he was very happy with the outcome.