Theresa May Wins Confidence Vote, Retains Power


British PM Theresa Mary May keeps her leadership intact by winning with a majority mark ‘83’on December 12. She scored an aggregate 63% of the total number of Conservative MP Votes. This keeps her immune from an electoral challenge for a year.

While speaking in the Downing Street, she proclaimed, “to deliver the Brexit plan for what people voted for” but she cited disappointment in losing one-third of her MPs.

May was put in voting bout because of not implementing the Brexit policies accordingly.

May is due to attend the European Council meeting at Brussels with leaders of 27 other European Union countries for further advancement in Brexit deal. May is expected to address changes in the ‘Irish Backstop’ policies. The ‘Irish backstop’ is a clause in U.K’s withdrawal agreement where the E.U’s Republic of Ireland and U.K’s Northern Ireland will have open border trade relations.



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