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Friday, June 9, 2023

About Us

The Samaya is the pulse of people. Striking a right balance between the two ends of the spectrum in the state—oscillating between an aspiring urban demography and the rural populace, yet intimately strung them to their socio, cultural moorings— the Samay reflects the image through its mirror that connects many dots of life. The Samay cares to carry the sensibilities and sensitivities, of the state, of the people; it encompasses every strands of life that affect  people at large. To inform, to educate, to sensitise, to entertain, to advocate, to lend a voice, these are the ethos upon which the Samaya aspires to represent the masses.

The Samaya took it upon itself an onerous responsibility of disseminating news since 1996 under the visionary leadership of Late Shri Basanta Kumara Biswal. It’s a force that has stayed true to its readers, from newspaper to weekly to Sunday supplements to special editions, the Samaya has served them well through the time. Now, bracing up for the change that has swept the world over,responding to the new wave of information and news consumption, it has made its foray into the digital space as well.