Anita, The Angel Mother Who Will Not Return



Anita Das (Oct 1, 1951 –May 11, 2018) whose premature death has silenced the Odia fil and television fraternity was an was best known as a lovely and lovable actress for her restraint and subtlety in portrayal of varied hues and emotions.

She was introduced to the film industry by Akshya Mohanty, Hemant Das and Bijay Mishra in award winning film “Jajabara” in 1975. She paired with Gobind Tej in her next film ‘Krusna Sudama’.

She acted in over 100 films. She shot to fame instantly with her portrayal in a female lead role that compelled viewers cry in the cinema halls at the cost of their purse. Despite displaying her acting prowess through characters in films ‘Jajabara’, ‘Krushna Sudama’, Bandhu Mahanty, ‘Naga Phasa’, ‘Topoi’. Sankha Mahuri’, ‘Sautuni’, ‘Samar Salim Saimon’ ‘Mathura Vijay’, ‘Alibha Daga’, ‘Tapasya’, ‘Ran Balram’ and “Maa O Mamata’ to name only a few.

“Akshi Tritiya” and Swapna Sagar”, Anita was equally known for her performances in family dramas like Pual Mora Kala Thakura.

She played leading roles in her early films and started playing character roles during the 80s. “Pua Mora Kala Thakura’ was a turning point in her career. Her acting career spanned more than four decades and she acted in more then 100 films.


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