India logs 9% growth in job postings in September: Report

India logs 9% growth in job postings in September: Report

Bengaluru: October 19: As India reopens after a long spell of pandemic and lockdowns, job postings in the country were improved by 9 per cent year-on-year (YoY) in September this year, a report said on Tuesday.

According to, compared to August, the month of September saw a stable monthly growth of 1 per cent in job posting activity this year.

“As we approach the end of the quarter, it is promising to see that we have witnessed 6 per cent growth in hiring activity over the last three months,” Sekhar Garisa, CEO –, a Quess company said in a statement.

“With imminent festive sales and significant increase in e-commerce activities, it is notable that job roles for logistics and supply chain are well in demand,” Garisa added.

In September 2021, printing/packaging (11 per cent) grew at a considerable pace, while a positive month-over-month (MoM) uptick was also witnessed in industries such as BPO/ITES (5 per cent), import/export (4 per cent), retail (2 per cent) and travel and tourism (2 per cent).

Cities such as Baroda (3 per cent) and Ahmedabad (1 per cent) noted the highest job posting activity in the country in September 2021 as compared to August 2021.

Hiring activity in metropolitan cities such as Bengaluru (38 per cent), Pune (22 per cent), Hyderabad (20 per cent) and Chennai (18 per cent) indicates a strong rise in recruitment activity as compared to the previous year.

Hiring for professionals in software, hardware, telecom (35 per cent), senior management (23 per cent), HR and admin (11 per cent) and finance and accounts (7 per cent) continued to flourish on a year-on-year basis.

Interestingly, HR and admin roles have seen a marked positive incline across all metropolitan cities, while software, hardware, telecom and finance and accounts also witnessed significant growth across almost all cities tracked by the Index.

Industries such as banking/financial services, insurance, retail and travel and tourism also saw positive uptick at 2 per cent each in September 2021 as compared to August 2021.

However, garments/ textiles/leather, gems and jewellery (-17) per cent which saw significant improvement last month due to peak festive hiring, witnessed a decline along with Production and manufacturing (-9) per cent, telecom/ISP (-3) per cent and oil/gas/petroleum and power (-3) per cent, which also saw decline in job postings in September 2021. (IANS)


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