Now, challenge to decide fairness, transparency, say experts

Now, challenge to decide fairness, transparency, say experts

New Delhi:  June 2:  Students, parents and academicians have welcomed the government’s decision to cancel class 12 board exams. However, questions persist as how to proceed further with regard to the results and evaluation of students. Many renowned educational institutions and academicians across the country have made an appeal to the government to make the evaluation process uniform and transparent.

Significantly, this time 14,30,247 students were to appear in CBSE’s 12th board examination.

Renowned educationist C.S. Kandpal said that same method should be followed for calculating the marks by other education boards as will be done by the CBSE. Only then all the students will get equal opportunity after 12th or in the competitive examinations.

Vishnu Karthik, CEO, the Heritage Schools, said, “the decision to cancel the board exams has settled the issue. Everyone’s stress has also reduced. However, considering the importance of class 12 examinations for admission to a university, it was not an easy decision to take. But the government had no option as the health of the students is paramount.”

He said, “now the challenge before the CBSE is to establish an alternative standard of evaluation for class 12th. Delays in the new grading system will create confusion and tension among the students. In this regard, it would be imperative to give clear instructions to Indian universities to amend the admission criteria so that the merit and fairness of students is not compromised.”

Shishir Jaipuria, Chairman, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, said that this decision has been taken in the interest of the children. “However, the subsequent process is also of equal importance — the standard of evaluation of children. It has to be kept in mind that many children worked whole-heartedly till the last stage of preparation and hence they should be given due benefits.

Charu Wahi, principal of Nirmal Bhartiya School, said, “the decision to cancel the Class XII board examinations has clearly been taken in the interest of health and safety of the students and teachers. Most of the students and their parents heaved a sigh of relief. All of them were worried by the uncertainty of class XII board exams arising out of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now the next challenge before us is to set the standard of fair and reliable academic evaluation of these students. Based on the annual performance of the students, grades or marks should be given according to their merit. But the educational evaluation has to be done very carefully. I am sure that the school and the board will overcome this challenge and will do whatever is best in the interest of the students.”

FICCI Arise Co-President and Founder of Suchitra Academy, Praveen Raju said, “in view of today’s situation, cancelling CBSE Board exams is the right decision. We could not have taken the exam without playing with the safety of the children. So we welcome this decision. Hope this issue will be resolved soon after consulting all its stakeholders.”

In the high level meeting held on Tuesday, the Prime Minister gave clear instructions that all stakeholders need to show sensitivity towards the students. The Prime Minister directed officials to ensure that results are prepared in a fair and time bound manner as per well-defined criteria. (IANS)


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