BBSR-MUMBAI GoAir flight makes emergency landing in Nagpur


A Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Go Air flight made an emergency landing in Nagpur on Saturday morning after a bomb scare report on the flight.
A thorough check was carried inside by the airport security personnel, but nothing suspicious was found on the flight after its emergency landing.

goair flightAccording to a source, today morning an anonymous phone call alerted the airport authority of presence of bomb inside the plane, after which the authority deplaned the passengers safely.

However, the call turned out to be a hoax as nothing was found inside the plane. The call came at a time when the nation is on red alert and security is all time high in view of the Republic Day.

Of late, there have been an increased number of hoax calls being made to Airport Authority of India (AAI) alerting them of bomb presence inside the plane.