BrahMos: From supersonic cruise missiles to solar bio-toilets for rural school kids

BrahMos Aerospace

Prativa, a student of class 8 of the Bhadra High School in Puri district of Odisha was unwilling to continue her studies as the school was not having a neat and clean toilet. It is not that the school is not having a toilet. The only toilet meant for the girls in the school premises is in a dilapidated condition. And also is not in a usable condition from the sanitation point of view as more than 200 girl students were bound to use it every day as there was no other option. The condition of the other toilet meant for the boys is also more or less the same.

Today, Prativa is very happy that her school is now having a new bio-toilet in its premises. Like Prativa all other students of the school are also very happy for the new amenity in their school campus. BrahMos Aerospace has installed a solar operated bio-toilet in the unified campus of Bhadra High School and M.E. School. More than 500 students of both the schools will use it. Out of 500 nearly 40% are girl students.

BrahMos Aerospace, the maker of supersonic Mach 3 BrahMos missile has joined its hand with Elaan Foundation, New Delhi to install the bio-toilets in the rural schools. New Delhi based Hightech Healthcare which provides the turnkey solution to Elaan Foundation has executed the installation of the bio-toilets in the Odisha School as per the guidance and directives of the BrahMos Aerospace.

BrahMos Aerospace

The bio-toilet Unit consists of 8 individual units, 4 each for Girls and Boys. The uniqueness of this bio-toilet unit is that it is a stand alone self sufficient unit. While the Bio Digester Tank with full of bacteria  convert the human  waste into odorless, normal colorless water, its solar power generating system generates electricity to electrify the said toilet and the school premises. It also helps in extracting wastes from the bore well through submersible pump. The technology used in the said bio-toilet is developed by DRDO and is eco-friendly as the design of the facility does not need any separate sewage channel to dispose the human waste.

BrahMos Aerospace (the name represents the fury of Brahmaputra and the grace of Moskva rivers) is the brainchild of India’s missile man Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Due to his foresight, willpower & determination, BrahMos Aerospace was born and a new chapter was added in the Indo-Russia friendship. As a joint venture between Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India and NPO Mashinostroeyenia (NPOM) of Russia, BrahMos Aerospace was formed. And the rest was history. Supersonic, Mach 3 (Three times faster than the speed of the sound) BrahMos missile came into existence. Now, R&D is going on at BrahMos Aerospace to make, the hypersonic missile BrahMos-II, ready for the country’s defence forces. BrahMos-II with a speed of Mach 7 (Seven times faster than sound) is very likely to be named after Missile man Dr. Kalam.

Dr. Kalam was very fond of school children and was also  equally concerned about the environment. His befitting disciple, the CEO& MD of BrahMos Aerospace, Sudhir Kumar Mishra has also taken up the philanthropic activities along with the R&D activities for the sake of the country. To augment the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ BrahMos Aerospace has taken up the assignment to set up solar operated bio-toilets in the rural schools, where the students are deprived of the very basic amenities.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the Machinist Super CEO 2015 awardee Sudhir K. Mishra said, “Our vision is to benefit the society and the environment through the way we work. The focus area of BrahMos CSR initiatives is to cover all parts of India and try to cater to the needs of society at large and contribute to the communities where we operate.”

Like BrahMos Aerospace, if other Govt & private organizations come forward sincerely to contribute towards the noble mission of ‘Swachh Bharat’, then there will be no other ‘Prativa’ left in the country, who would be unwilling to go to school for want of the basic amenities.