‘Good’ fat cuts obesity

According to a recent research the body’s ability to harness heat production by converting white fat cells which store calories into beige fat (good fat) cells that burn energy, can help curb obesity.

obesity.The research suggests natural mechanism in the body, which converts white fat cells into beige fat cells – known as ‘brite’ fat cells – by using heat production and increasing the sympathetic nervous system’s supply of blood vessels to white fat tissue, could be a new and promising approach for fighting obesity.

Vitaly Ryu from Center for Obesity Reversal at Georgia State said, “Perhaps the most important feature of white adipose tissue for the conversion of white fat cells to beige fat cells is the density of the SNS nerves being supplied to white adipose tissue, and the fat cell population surrounding this nerve supply having a genetic ability to brown.”
Our body has two types of fat tissue – white and brown. White adipose tissue, stores energy or calories and produces hormones that are secreted into the bloodstream. Brown adipose tissue, is a dark-colored fat tissue with many blood vessels that burns energy and produces heat.

There is a connection of white fat tissue with other tissues, including the heart and blood vessels that could lead to coronary and hypertension diseases, understanding how it occurs could be beneficial. Scientists are hopeful that increasing energy expenditure with brown or beige fat cells could be an effective way to fight obesity.

The research was published in the International Journal of Obesity Supplements.