Karnataka Tussle: All MLAs With Us, Says Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru(PTI): Rejecting suggestions of any break in the ranks of Congress and JD(S), former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today maintained that all their MLAs were together ahead of the floor test tomorrow.

Welcoming the Supreme Court order on the floor test tomorrow as “historic”, Siddaramaiah said the BJP did not enjoy majority with only 104 seats.

“They have won 104 only. They don’t have 112 seats, they don’t have even one seat above 104 because two independents got elected with us. Congress (78), JDS (37) and two independents (independent+KPJP) and BSP 1…total 118. As Kumaraswamy has won two seats it stands at 117.
“All of are together. We have an understanding. Despite this being reality, despite they (BJP) not asking for 15 days, the governor has given them 15 days to prove majority. What inference could one draw?” Siddaramaiah said.

“Governor has followed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s instructions. If he had followed constitution, he would not have taken such decision,” he said.

Targeting the Prime Minister and the BJP president, Siddaramaiah said, “Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are fossils of Hitler in this country. They don’t have respect for constitution or democracy.

“It is a murder of democracy. It is a clear violation of Constitution,” he said.

He said never in the past had a chief minister been given 15 days to prove majority.

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, meanwhile, alleged that Congress MLA Anand Singh was in the “captivity” of the government of India.


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