Pakistan ISI‘s Dirty Tricks: Planting Pak Girls Married To Indian Muslims In Espionage In Border Areas


By: Ramesh Chandra Ganjoo
(Internal Security Expert)

Pakistan’s ISI agency is in the process of changing its espionage strategy. They have identified Pakistani girls married to Indian Muslim who would be exploited to gather information in person of sensitive border areas. These married Pakistani women in India on Long Term Visas (LTV) are confined to the particular areas where they have been staying. Under the specific tasks assigned to them through WhatsApp system they have been provided mobile numbers of sleeper cells to contact them as facilitators .

A Muslim lady(35) from Karachi, married to an Indian Muslim eight years ago and residing in Old Delhi has been chosen by ISI . She has been visiting Rajasthan border areas frequently without due permission from the Ministry of External Affairs or the police. The areas she has been visiting are Bhilwara, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Barmer and Dalwana Nagaur to collect information about the location of the Indian Army deployment and other activities of the agencies . She has been asked to shift her base from Delhi to Nagaur with specific work of laying honey trap against Indian security officials. Col. Shafiq from ISI is monitoring the operations using Indian SIM cards available with him. (His Mobile Number has been withdrawn due to security reasons)

Simultaneously, working on other intelligence gathering front, the ISI has launched a hunt for intelligent, ambitious girls to earn fast money, irrespective of colour, caste or religion in India. Such women will be exported to Pakistan via Dubai. During their brief stay in Pakistan they will be trained in handling arms and spying networking to execute ISI plans in India. According to highly placed sources, ISI has organised a new track to infiltrate its secret agents to India on Afghanistani passports. In August 2016, Nandlal, an alleged Pakistani spy hailing from Sangad district in Pakistan, was arrested from a hotel in Jaisalmer. From his possession classified information related to India’s defence institutions were seized.

The alarming situation is the rise in mosques, madarsas on Pak border in Rajasthan since last one decade. It has been noticed in the border areas that the Mauvlis who come to these madarsas to teach do not belong to the state of Rajasthan. Religiously motivated radicals and militants are still operating overtly and covertly on campuses. While administrations fear radical elements and are reluctant to take action against them, the government is neither willing to provide any protection to the administrations nor take on such elements itself.

The ISI’s dirty game plan does not end there. They have now started using Enemies Property Act in India in favour of Pakistani nationals who settled down in Pakistan in 1947 after leaving India. On fake documents Pakistan has created claimants in India of the property in Delhi and other places which runs into crores. The claimants in India have managed to make forged power of attorney in their favour. These residential property in prime location in Old Delhi are in physical possession of these fake claimants with the surreptitious support from the Evacuees Property department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. According to reliable reports, some of the portion they have rented out while some rooms are kept for sleeper cells and the visiting Pakistani agents.


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