Apex Court Gives More Time to Verma, Orders Further Investigation


The ongoing investigation on ousted CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) Chief case still remains due. The Supreme Court needs truer evidences in this case. The facts & evidences submitted by the CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) do not draw a clear line.

The Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi said, “The CVC findings can be categorized in four; very complimentary on some charges; not so on others; very uncomplimentary on some charges & some charges require further investigation”.

It has been ordered by the Supreme Court to hand over a copy of the CVC charges to Alok Verma in seal. The SC directed Verma to submit his version to the charges alleged on him by Monday, “keeping in mind the need to preserve and maintain sanctity and public confidence in the said institution (CBI)” as the CJI said.

In today’s ongoing case, Verma termed charges against him as “baseless”. He put the Modi government responsible for the agency’s crisis.

For the record, then CBI Chief Alok Verma was alleged bribery charges by his deputy Rakesh Asthana on August 24, this year.

Then Verma trained the guns in the opposite direction towards his deputy. In turn, an FIR was filed against Asthana by CBI on October 15.

Verma was stripped of his duties on Oct 23-24 & he challenged this decision against The CVC order. Justice Patnaik, appointed by The SC in this case on October 26 was ordered to file a preliminary report in two weeks time. Notices were issued to all involved in this case. The preliminary inquiry report was filed on November 12 by the CVC.



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