Bulandshahr Cops Shifts Focus on Carcass Killing Instead Inspector’s Death


The report of cow slaughter in Siyana village in Bulandshahr, UP which resulted in the unfortunate fateful night of December 2 has led Bulandshahr police to first inspect the carcass. The death of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh amid the violence has turned into lesser priority in the ongoing investigation.

According to the Additional Superintendent of Police, Bulandshahr, Rayees Akhtar, “For now, our first motive is to find who was responsible for the cattle lynchings. It is true that cow slaughter has happened here. After that only, people had protested and had scuffle with the police which led to the death of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh. We perceive that once this matter is done and dusted, then only facts leading to Subodh’s death will gulp out. Now, our primary concern is to nab the cow lynchers, while Subodh’s death and the riot offenders have been pushed to second”.

He also added, “We are not yet aware of the vigilante group involved, but we have a clear picture that the group responsible for cattle slaughter are also responsible for Subodh’s death. The investigation will gain momentum only after arresting the offenders. But first, we need to find out the sinners responsible for the animal crime”.

The Bulanshahr cops have arrested four suspects so far, each of them accused for Subodh Kumar Singh’s death and the cow slaughter case.

But the primary suspect Yogesh Raj, a senior Bajrang Dal leader is still at large.



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