Centre Lifts Restrictions from Jammu; Kashmir Still in Curfew


The Union Home Ministry removed restrictions in Jammu on Wednesday aftermath the historic decision of revoking Article-370 by the ruling government on August 5 led the Centre to impose curfew in the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory (UT).

However, Kashmir region is still under impositions which will be lifted off in the mean time.

Police officials deployed in the J& K region have said on situation in the new Union Territory is under control. There are no incidents of major injuries except few pellet injuries.

Ahead of the upcoming Independence Day celebration on August 15, the police officials major focus would be to maintain law and order and celebrate it with good zest.

Earlier, the Supreme Court declined to interfere with the Centre’s procedures in handling the restrictions in the Jammu And Kashmir UT on August 13 as per a petition challenged by activist Tehseen Poonawala.


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