Modi Slams Gandhi Family for Disrupting Parliament


Moran : Singling out the Sonia Gandhi family, Prime Minister OF India Narendra Damodardas Modi on Friday charged the Congress president and her son Rahul Gandhi of disturbing Parliament to retaliate for defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and henceforth hindering the entry of bills went for profiting poor people.

Addressing tea garden workers in this poll-bound state of Assam, Modi alleged that “one family” was indulging in “negative politics” as he claimed that there are leaders in opposition parties other than Congress who want Parliament to function even though they oppose him.

“Those who have lost the poll (in 2014) and have descended from 400 to 40 have chosen not to permit Modi to work. They have chosen to make hindrances and troubles. The trick for the same is going on,” he said.

“They have now chosen to take revenge from common people, from the poor laborers” for voting the Congress out of power, Modi said at people in a election meeting that was virtually a election rally.