Rahul Gandhi Prods Government with “Vanish” Remarks over Rafale Deal Documents


A day after the Supreme Court hearing on Rafale deal, where Attorney General (AG) K K Venugopal representing the Centre on March 6 sharpened his accusations on the review petition by lawyer Prashant Bhushan of citing stolen documents from the Defence ministry on Rafale deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, too, targeted the ruling government of “vanishing documents” on Thursday.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Is sarkaar ka kaam hai gayab karna (This government’s work is to vanish things)”.

He added, “Rafale files have disappeared like jobs for two crore youths, right price for farmers’ produce and promise to give Rs. 15 lakhs.”

The Gandhi scion stepped up on his attack when he said, “No probe has been done against those involved in scam. Why can’t there be a criminal investigation against him (PM Modi) also.”

He further added, “The problem in India is, there is a criminal investigation only on people who oppose Modi.”

The Attorney General on March 6 said this is breach of Official Secrets Act and voiced on initiating “criminal action” against the two publications (published in The Hindu newspaper).

While the Congress President lambasted, “On one hand you (Centre) are saying documents are missing, which implies these are authentic documents. Documents clearly state that Narendra Modi conducted parallel negotiation.”

On the 36-Rafale jet deal inkling, Gandhi said, “If PM is not guilty, why doesn’t he himself agree for an investigation? Why did he refuse to form a Joint Parliamentary Committee?”





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