Rahul Gandhi Voices for Sam Pitroda’s Apology after his “Hua toh Hua” Remark on 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots


Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while addressing at a rally at Fatehgarh in Punjab on Monday, pressed for an apology from his own party man Congress leader Sam Pitroda for his hurtful remarks on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots on May 10.

The Congress President said, “When Sam Pitroda said about 1984 is absolutely wrong and he should apologise to the nation for it. I told him this over the phone, I told him what he said was wrong, he should be ashamed and apologise publicly.”

However, on May 10, Sam Pitroda had commented on the 1984 riots saying danga “hua toh hua” in reply in an interview.

Such a statement by Pitroda not only received flak from Opposition leaders of BJP but also from his fellow Congress party members.

While, PM Narendra Modi has lambasted the Congress for such “character and mentality”, the Congress senior leaders have said, “It’s not the party’s stand, the party condemns it. All leaders should be careful about what they say.”

Meanwhile, Pitroda has apologised for his derogatory comments, “My Hindi is not that good, I think in English and translate in Hindi… I could not translate bura in my mind… what I really meant to say is jo hua bura hua tha (what happened was bad).”



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