SC Grants Additional Three Hours to File Verma’s Response


Ousted CBI Chief Alok Verma made a plea to the Supreme Court asking for more time to submit his response. Earlier, the case had its hearing last week. Verma, then was given time till Monday to file his response. Today, Gopal Sankaranarayanan present in Verma’s place asked for more time. The Apex court granted three more hours till 4PM today for his response.


The CBI infighting case scheduled to be heard on Tuesday remains undeterred.


Last week, the Supreme Court bench, presided by the CJI, Ranjan Gogoi said, “The CVC findings can be categorized in four; very complimentary on some charges; not so on others; very uncomplimentary on some charges & some charges require further investigation”.


Verma is fighting his case of being absolved of his duties on October 23 this year.



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