V K Singh Mocks Opposition over Indian Air Force Airstrike Body Count


Union Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) V K Singh earlier on Wednesday sharpened his attack on the opposition remarks over the IAF military airstrike on February 26.

Singh replied, “Next time when India does something like that, I feel that those who raise questions should be tied under the aircraft and taken along. When the bombs are dropped they can see the targets and after that they can get off, count the casualities and come back.”

As per the international media reports, not much damage had happened in the Balakot airstrike. The opposition thus, with this claim had been constantly poking the ruling BJP.

A day after the airstrike, BJP President Amit Shah had declared more than 250 terrorists were killed in the Balakot terror camp.

V K Singh in his twitter handle referred to the killed terrorists as “mosquitoes” and had tweeted earlier this morning, “At 3.30 AM last night there were too many mosquitoes, so I used HIT (referring to a mosquito repellent). Now should I count how many mosquitoes I killed or should I go back to sleep?”

The ex-army chief General also supported his views on Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s comments that “300 mobile phones” were active in Jaish camp before the strike.

Singh said, “Were those phones being used by trees in that area.”



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