Vijay Mallya Tweets Hard Facts against PM Modi


A day after fugitive economic offender Vijay Mallya reminisced on his defunct airlines Kingfisher rivalry with the now-grounded Jet Airways in his tweets, the liquor baron once again on Thursday broke out on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement earlier quoted in an interview.

Mallya on Thursday said in his tweet, “None other than the Prime Minister of India specifically says in an interview that his Government has recovered more money than I allegedly owe PSU banks and the same Banks claim otherwise in English Courts.”

Mallya added, “Who does one believe? One or the other is lying.”

This tweet by Mallya points to the Prime Minister’s statement in an interview with the Republic Bharat news channel on March 29 this year.

The PM had said, “We brought in a law that enabled the Indian government to confiscate the property of fugitives in any part of the world. You must have seen in the case of Vijay Mallya.”

PM Modi had summed up that day, “He owed banks Rs. 9000 crores but the government has confiscated his properties worth Rs. 14,000 crore from across the world. Now, he is in trouble because we are taking double the amount.”

However, on April 17 Mallya had expressed his emotions on the failing standards of his once bitter rival Jet Airways in his tweet.

He had also pointed out on “35K public funds” used by the Centre to bail out Jet Airways. He also added on the “discrimination” shown towards his Kingfisher airlines.

Mallya had also reiterated on the 100 percent payback to the Indian banks in his tweet. He said, “I am spooked, terrified etc. of extradition from UK to India. Why don’t Banks take the money I offered first?”

He had raised question on, why airlines in India “have bitten the dust.”



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