“I Want To Die”: Dhenkanal Man Pleads Pranab For Mercy Killing


Dhenkanal(Samaya Bureau) : Completely bed-ridden for the last one and half decades and condemned to fend for himself in the absence of any one to look after him, Muralidhar Sahu of Asarada village under Hindol block in  Dhenkanal district has appealed to President of India, Pranab Mukherjee  euthanasia, that is to allow him kill himself or end his life on his own.

Muralidhar who had a severe spinal injury never recovered from his ailment. And for the last 15 years has been lying on a neglected charpoy in his disheveled  house.

Thanks to some Good Samaritans, his villagers, provide him food in rota. Yet, he has no kith and kin to look after him. Emaciated and deserted he is. His wife killed herself after Muralidhar’s spinal injury in an accident.  His mother had died earlier.

Once a professional well digger, all his appeals to the District Collector and Chief Minister about his plight have fallen on deaf ears. , Muralidhar is yet to receive any help from the state government.

No more able to bear the sufferings and pain he wants to die. And end his life. Hence the mercy petition to the First Citizen of the Country.