Niali Mystery Unravelled: Pack Of Wolves Found to Be Predators


Bhubaneswar: The two-member team of experts from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Dehradun after probing ‘lamb-killing’ incidents at three different places including Niali today revealed that the villains were none other than a pack of wolves.

Though it is not known how far the people of the areas where such instances have taken place will buy the theory, the experts emphasized that the ‘mysterious animals’ were a pack of wolves, hyenas and jackals at all the three locations the team visited.

Disclosing their findings to media persons in the capital, WII Scientist Salvador Lyngdoh said that there was nothing new about pack of wolves killing sheep in large numbers. He said that such instances were earlier seen in Maharashtra.

Salvador stressed that a pack of wolves were the villains in Niali in Cuttack district, which accounted for maximum sheep victims. “The pug marks and other evidence besides the nature and style of predation all prove that the animal is a wolf”, he said.


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