PM Modi in Sundargarh Pitches: “Lotus Will Definitely Bloom in Odisha”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to Odisha once again in less than a week addressed to a huge gathering in Sundargarh on Saturday.

Along with the Prime Minister, state BJP members such as Jual Oram, Bargarh Lok Sabha candidate Suresh Pujari and the national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Arun Singh were among the other attendees.

The PM said, “Odisha is not poor. It is full in natural resources. But the state government’s intentions are unjust. If the BJD had the right motive, then the state would have progressed.”

Stepping up the attack on Naveen Patnaik-led BJD, the Indian PM resounded, “If the BJD had the right intentions, then the farmers would have been paid handsomely. Eight lakh pucca homes would have been built. Similarly, taxes from the mining of the ores would have helped in the progress of the state.”

Earlier in the day, before the PM’s planned visit to the state, he had tweeted in Odia, “The results of the polls in Odisha this time will surprise everyone.”

Over welcoming the BJP rule in the state, PM Modi sensed into the masses, “BJD has put brakes in your progress.” He asked to the people, “Such a government should be changed or not?”

Speaking in clairvoyance, Modi said, “Lotus will definitely bloom in Odisha. The people have already made up their minds to vote BJP. I am certain that BJP will come majority in Odisha and once more in India as well.”

The Prime Minister spoke eloquently, “Odisha should have a strongly built government likewise at the Centre. Odisha has to be strong and for the state to be strong, lotus has to bloom here.”

PM Modi spoke on the BJP foundation being built on the sweat of the party workers and not on money. The whole country is flooded with lotus flags. The people have accepted BJP and all sections of the society want to join in it.

The Indian PM, too, spoke on the Congress party as well as the BJD resorting to vote bank politics. The adivasi and the dalits in the state have been back-seated by these parties, voiced the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also alleged on the Congress supporting the Maoists in the country. He also said, this BJP government is targeting the terrorists at their homes, but such a step has never been donned by the previous governments.




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