The ‘Daru’ for Goddess Subhadra identified

The ‘daru’  for creation of new idol of Goddess Subhadra has been identified at Adhanga in Biridi here in the district. The daru is located in the premises of lord Nilakantheswar Temple in Adhanga.

After identifying all the desired characteristics required to be present in the neem tree which makes it eligible for the idol of goddessThe ‘Daru’ for Goddess Subhadra identified Subhadra, the leader or ‘Dalapati’ of the Banajaga team gave the written confirmation to the Sri Jagannath Temple Adminstration (SJTA).

The district administration has taken necessary measures to protect the Daru located in the premises of the Nilakantheswara temple.

Subsequently, the chief administrator of SJTA, Suresh Mohapatra made the formal announcement regarding the location of the daru.

Earlier, the Jagatsinghpur Collector and the Superintendent of Police visited the location of daru.