“Big players always score in big games”: M.S. Dhoni


Since his hundred in the opening game against Pakistan, Virat Kohli has not scored a half-century at the World Cup but M.S. Dhoni is not worried.

Kohli was dismissed for three against Bangladesh in Melbourne on Thursday, but Dhoni was confident that a big score was on the horizon.
“I don’t think there has been any poor shot selection. He’s a dominant batsman who likes to play his strokes. I don’t think he’s batted badly.

When he has got the chance, he made runs,” he said.
Since his 107 in Adelaide, Kohli has made scores of 46, 33 (n.o.), 33, 44 (n.o.), 38 and 3. He is, however, India’s second-heaviest scorer at the tournament with an aggregate of 304 runs. The captain felt that Kohli was perhaps being unfairly evaluated.

“It’s not that every time he has made a hundred every time he has gone out to bat. But may be he played so well in the Test series that we’re comparing everything to it and feeling he has to score a hundred every time.
“It can be quite difficult. You have to focus more on the process and he’s concentrating on all these things,” he said.