Does Shastri Only Nods? Virat Scraps It All


The Indian captain minces no words explaining Ravi Shastri’s role as the coach of the cricket team in the press meet. The Indian team is getting prepped up for the tour. But before leaving for Australia, Kohli was upright when he answered this question. He said, “About saying yes all the time, it’s the most bizarre thing that I have heard. I don’t think there is anyone who has said no to me more than him in Indian cricket, honestly. Because he is the one guy that I can speak to and get an honest opinion & he will tell me something that doesn’t need to be done”.


With Ravi Shastri sitting beside him, he took the Indian coach in confidence & explained, “The contribution he has made is that making people making believe that they belong to this level, because at a time when we all went through the difficult period, 2014 for me & for a lot of other players Shikhar Dhawan in 2015, to be able to come out of the shell, I can vouch for that, to bring the best out of the players, he is the most important factor”.


Kohli further added, “I have made more changes to my game listening to him than anyone else in the past”.


Finally, Kohli summed it up with, “A lot of people think that we don’t understand what needs to be done. And someone has to literally tell you from where the bat has to come from and where the head has to be, we have learnt those things enough. Its about man management which Ravi bhai has done brilliantly for the time which he has been with the team”.



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