15 soldiers, 2 civilians killed by Egypt jihadis

CAIRO: Jihadis in Egypt’s Sinai killed 15 soldiers and two civilians in attacks on checkpoints Thursday, the deadliest clashes in the recent months.

The attacks took place in the wee hours after militants stormed some army checkpoints in Al-Arish and Sheikh Zwayed cities in North Sinai, prompting security forces to retaliate in which 15 militants were killed and as many soldiers found dead, two civilians were also killed while 19 others sustained injuries in the attack.

The gunmen, believed to be members of the ISIS’ Egypt branch, simultaneously opened fire with assault rifles and grenade launchers at five checkpoints in the restive north of the peninsula, the security officials said.

Security forces responded aggressively on all the locations but the militants escaped the location after the ambush, the official added.