Police Shootout in Terror Refuge Place in Sri Lanka; 6 Children and 3 Women Dead Among 15


The security personnel in Sri Lanka acting on a tip-off had a gunfight with suspected ISIS militants at their terror shelters in the overnight hours of April 26 which took lives of 6 children and 3 women among 15 killed in the search operation.

The incident happened near Sainthamaruthu in Ampara at the terrorist’s safe house in which four suspected ISIS terrorists have also been killed after 3 explosions were triggered by the militants before the gunfight.

This attack comes on the heels after a week’s time when serial attack explosions in Sri Lankan capital Colombo ripped apart churches and nearby hotels on the eve of Easter Sunday on April 21 killing around 250 people and injuring over 500.

The terror operating module ISIS has claimed the mastermind behind the ghastly attacks. The Sri Lankan country was later called for a nationwide Emergency by its President Maithripali Sirisena.

On the overnight raided shootout, the Sri Lankan military released in a statement, “Troops retaliated and raided the safe house where a large cache of large explosives had been stored.”

The island nation security troops had suspected the militants belonging to National Towheed Jama’at (NTJ) who are also blamed for the Easter attacks.

8 among the nine suicide bombers responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks have been identified and reports have confirmed that all of them belong to island nation.

Police are in search of 140 suspected persons having possible links with the ISIS terror module.

Around 76 people including foreigners from Syria and Egypt have been detained so far.



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