Nature’s surprise at Juhu beach


On Wednesday, Mumbaikars got a pleasant surprise by Nature as Juhu beach delighted locals with an amazing display of sparkling blue lights that enlighted a part of the sea’s water.

mumbaiThe sea looked as if it was lit up with a neon blue light. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence. This occurs because phytoplanktons, living microscopic organisms, emit light as a reaction to the stress caused to them by the water.

While, this phenomenon has been seen before in many parts of the world, it is the first time that Mumbai is witnessing it.

According to a report, Nilesh Mane and Abir Jain, two third-year BSc Zoology students from Bhavan’s college, visited the beach yesterday and collected water samples. They also took pictures. In fact, reports suggest that locals have seen “blue waves” in Mumbai earlier as well, but it was confirmed only by these students after they did a research on the Internet.